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AzHDR & Advance Directives Video

Detailed video about the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry (AzHDR) and advance directive documents in Arizona.

Clips from the AzHDR & Advance Directives Video

Shorter segments from the comprehensive overview video about the AzHDR and Arizona advance directives.


At the End of Your Life, What Do You Wish For?

Discusses the importance of advance care planning and completing and registering advance directives.


What Are Advance Directives & Why Are They Important?

Explains what advance directives are and their purpose, and why documenting your healthcare preferences in advance directive forms is important.


Learn About Arizona’s Advance Directive Forms.

Highlights the four documents considered official advance directives in the state of Arizona and other addendums that can accompany advance directive forms.


How to Get Your Directives Into the AzHDR Registry.

Instructions on how to complete advance directive forms correctly and the steps to follow to submit your documents to the AzHDR.


We’re Here to Help.

Overview of the AzHDR website and the resources and tools available therein.


Having the Conversation

Advance directives aren’t just about planning for death. They are about planning for your future—how you want to be cared for if you become too ill to make decisions for yourself, whether due to old age, chronic illness or an accident. You’ve controlled your life thus far. Advance directives help you stay in control of the rest.

More Helpful Videos

We’ve assembled a collection of videos to help inform your advance care planning.

Let’s Be Direct

Why you are never too young or healthy to talk about advance care planning.

Let’s Be Direct

Why you are never too young or healthy to talk about advance care planning.

Wishes Registered. Wishes Honored.

Questions to ask yourself and your medical provider to begin your advance care planning.

Have a Say in Advance Care Planning

Details about the advance care planning process.

Who Will Speak for You?

Who should speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself?

Choosing a Health Care Power of Attorney?

The who, what, how and why of choosing a health care power of attorney to represent you.