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Arizona Resources for Advance Care Planning

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help all Arizonans think through, discuss, and prepare advance directives—for themselves and for others. Download a PDF of this list here. You can access advance directives forms at no cost in several locations. Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) | Pre-hospital Medical Care Directive POLST Living Will (English &Spanish) AZ Health Care Power of Attorney with Optional Mental Health Authority Short Form (English &Spanish) Arizona Attorney General Life Care Planning Packet |…

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5 Reasons to Complete Your Advance Directives Before Assisting Others

The truth is that those who assist others with completing advance care directives have no higher completion rate than the public. Why is that, and why is it imperative to change that statistic? Do not be a statistic; instead, be at the forefront of advance care planning and be an example: Start with your own. Advance care planning is for everyone. Don’t perpetuate the myth that Advance Directives are for the elderly by not completing your own. It’s a myth…

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Advance Care Planning: Glossary of Terms

When working through advance care planning, you’ll may encounter some unfamiliar words. Or you may wonder exactly what they mean in the context of advance care planning. As you read through various materials, refer to the list of terms below for clarity on commonly used terms. Advance Care Planning Planning for healthcare you want to receive if you are facing a medical crisis.These are your decisions to make based on your personal values, preferences and discussions with your loved ones.…

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Advance Directives, From A to Z

We’ve summarized an alphabet’s worth of helpful information to help you navigate your way through advance care planning. Advance Directives Advance directives are documents that outline what healthcare and treatment decisions should be made if you are unable to communicate these wishes. They can also identify who you would want to be your voice for your decisions if you are not able to communicate these directly. In Arizona, there are four types of documents that fall under this term: living…

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Taking Stock of Advance Directives with Bob Roth on Money Radio

On October 12, Sara Asher of the End of Life Care Partnership and I had the pleasure of appearing on Bob Roth’s Health Futures podcast, which was broadcast on Money Radio. We sat down for a nice discussion about the importance of Advance Directives—for everyone. The full transcript of our talk is below, and video of the segment can also be viewed here on YouTube.

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