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Advance Care Planning Quiz

Click ‘Read More’ to download the Advance Care Planning Quiz and Answer Key to test yourself, your staff, family members and friends on all things advance care planning. 

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Beyond Roses and Chocolates: A Meaningful Valentine's Day Conversation About Advance Directives

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about advance directive documents. It may not be romantic, and you may not be able to watch a rom-com movie about these conversations. However, Valentine’s Day is (or should be) all about honoring the wishes of those you love (romantically or otherwise). Being chosen as someone’s “person” for healthcare decisions is the greatest way to honor someone and be there for them when illness or accident renders them unable to be their…

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The Importance of a Health Care Power of Attorney From a Young Person

Growing up, my mom talked with me constantly about setting up a health care power of attorney and the importance of this document until I finally completed it. As a 28-year-old, I never understood the need for this document, especially being young and healthy. I thought these were forms you filled out only when you were older. Little did I know the power of advance directives, and the ability to outline exactly what YOU really want in the event of a medical emergency, car crash or other accident.

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About AzHDR & Advance Directives Video

Detailed video about the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry (AzHDR) and advance directive documents in Arizona.  

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My Funeral Playlist: How Music Leaves an Everlasting Legacy

They say that of the five senses, smell is the one that connects us to memories. But for me, smell keeps me in the present. Hearing music, however, transports me and connects me to the past—to the joys, triumphs and bittersweet moments in my life. I remember making mixed tapes filled with songs that were meaningful to me as a young woman in the 70s and 80s. I had the “I broke up with my first love” tape, my “senior…

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